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content_spectralis-hra_oct---2-web_1_Heidelburg Spectralis OCT

This groundbreaking tool provides faster, more detailed, more accurate images of your inner eye. The Spectralis OCT captures exceptionally high quality images down to one micron in size (the thinnest human hair measures about 40 microns). It works on the same principle as an ultrasound, but is ten times more sensitive—and completely comfortable and non-invasive. The OCT allows us to scan in precisely the same location, so we can compare changes from one visit to the next and see any changes in your eyes. This greatly improves our ability to diagnose, track and treat most major eye diseases, especially glaucoma, retinal diseases and diabetes.


Zeiss IOL Master

This innovative laser system provides precise measurements of your eye length and surface curvature, which are necessary before cataract surgery. Safe, fast and effective, the IOL Master has been shown to increase the accuracy of these measurements fivefold, compared to previous measurement instruments. Because the machine never touches your eye directly, there’s no need for anesthesia and no potential for instrument contamination. The IOL Master sets the new standard for precision, accuracy and reliable results—so you can have complete confidence going into your cataract surgery.


content_site_ready8Canon Auto-Refractor

Designed to ensure more efficient, accurate eye exams, the R-F10 Auto Refractor is able to automatically test both eyes in a single step. Not only does this make your eye examination faster and simpler, the improved measurement technology raises the accuracy and reliability of the test results. The R-F10 Auto Refractor also makes it easier for the technician to determine if your eyelashes are obstructing any of the measurements.