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At Oregon Eye Physicians & Surgeons, we are committed to offering the best solutions for your eye health and vision. You’ll find that our staff, technology and services are all thoughtfully orchestrated to give you the time and attention you deserve. We specialize in you.
Our beautiful 3,500-square-foot office and 600-square-foot dispensary are the result of Dr. Wolf’s collaboration with Eye Designs, the leader in developing innovative interiors for the Ophthalmic Industry for 20 years. Dr. Wolf’s goal in working with Eye Designs was simple: “We wanted an office that looked as good as the care we’re committed to bringing to our patients.” As a patient of Oregon Eye Physicians and Surgeons, you will immediately notice the warm yet upscale and contemporary design of the office.


We are proud to announce

Oregon Eye Physicians & Surgeons joins the Chairman’s Roundtable of the Sherwood YMCA. OEPS feels strongly about supporting the Sherwood Community. Staying active enhances all aspects of our health, including our eyes. As Chairman’s Roundtable contributors we are excited about “giving back.” For every comprehensive eye exam given to a Y member, $10.00 is donated back to the YMCA. Watch for continuing events with the YMCA of Sherwood.


Teenage girl with glassesPatient Testimonials

“Thank you so much! You really made a great difference in my vision due to the cataract surgery.” – D.S.

“It’s really great to have such specialists close to home in Sherwood. From the exam to filling my glasses prescription to the final fitting, my experience was wonderful.” – H.C.

“I always felt the birth of my daughter was the greatest gift I would ever receive. The gift of sight that you have given me is just amazing. Thanks will never be enough, but here it is anyway: Thanks to each and every one at Oregon Eye Physicians and Surgeons for my gift.” – J.H.

“My wife was truly happy with your service and care. I will be sure to schedule my appointment soon.” – D.R.

“I would like to thank the young lady that went out of her way to help me find a doctor. She is a thoughtful person to look our for an 80 year old lady and I was moved by her caring. Bless you.” – M.J.B.